Why Amani Kibera?

KIBERA is the largest slum in Nairobi, Kenya and arguably the second largest urban slum in Africa. Found approximately 5km from the city centre,it hosts a population of over 1 million inhabitants who mostly live on the edge of absolute poverty- without access to enough and balanced diet, proper shelter, electricity, water distribution and waste disposal mechanisms.

AMANI means peace in swahili and when combined, it means “PEACE IN KIBERA”.

We are dedicated to improving the social, economic and cultural values of the vast Kibera community. We achieve this by organizing sports, workshops, trainings on various skills, girl-child empowerment  and cultural activities meant for children and youth because we believe in transforming the youth to transform the society. We also seek sponsorship opportunities for children who can advance their studies and personal development for other marginal minorities such as  young single mothers and school drop-outs. We appreciate the fact that this can only be realized through the support of peaceful co-existence of  people in Kibera and society at large.

How it all started?

During the general election campaign in 2007, many Kenyan politicians were speaking ill about all the problems associated with Kibera as a slum. They blamed the locals for their living conditions which raised a lot of discord among the inhabitants. However, Young people living in Kibera refused such statements and set out into the streets to speak about the problems.

That was the time when the initiative Amani Kibera started. We co-ordinated several peace campaigns inside the slum and collected up to 10 000 signatures from people who disagreed with racial, religious, sexual and political segregation of inhabitants in Kibera. This aimed at demonstrating how important the peaceful co-existence is for the people in Kibera.

Unfortunately, after the elections in December 2007 the situation in Kenya went worse and the country experienced tribal violence and bloodshed.

Since then, Amani kibera has been devoted to carrying peace-related activities every year, that bring together people from different ethnic, social and religious backgrounds, to see the sense in living harmoniuosly with each other and the good that comes with it. Today, we strive to prevent any new violence escalation happening, especially in Kibera.

A lot has been achieved from this and the 2013 General Elections proved us right,there was no single clash anywhere in Kibera and the election was the most peaceful. We strongly hope and wish that our continued efforts and support from various stakeholders will make Kibera the most peaceful place, with social and economic development than ever before.

Our greatest achievements

Last projects

Life skils training for youth in Kibera

Amani Kibera organised a 12 week program to train the youth on life skills. It patnered with Spur Africa to provide the nessasary information the youth need in order to progress in life. Amani Kibera invited some speakers who are...

International day in support of victims of torture

Amani Kibera joined hands with Kenya National Commission of Human Rights, The Usalama Reforms Forum, International Commission of Jurists and Independent  Medico Legal Unit to show solidarity with victims of torture. The activities included a open forum where members of...

Night with Andersen

We joined the “Night with Andersen” project on 4th April 2014 as the first and only African country to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the famous Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. Sleeping over with Andersen in libraries, schools...

6th Soccer tournament report

We held our 6th Annual Peace Soccer tournament at the various Kibera soccer grounds. We invited a team from Migori, Kisumu Kenya to stay with us and play versus teams from Kibera. 2462 players from 164 teams participated in the...


The annual Amani Kibera workshops were held in November 2013. This time we prepared three different workshops – two for kids and one for adults. Young Journalism Club 20 kids from Kibera in age 8-15 years had the possibility take...

Maktaba Award

Amani Kibera has had the honour to receive the prestigious Maktaba Awards in 2011 and 2013. The Maktaba awards is the brain child of The Jomo Kenyatta Foundation in partnership with the Goethe-Institut Kenya. The Award aims to recognize excellence...

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